Lawrence Cherone

I've been actively developing software for 16 years and have 4+ years professional experience. In that time I’ve worked with a diverse range of company’s building bespoke cloud software, 3rd party integrations, and in-house tools which make their business more streamlined and efficient.

I have been the lead developer on most projects I've worked on, responsible for the entire spectrum of the projects build, from communicating and interpreting the customer's ideas, writing the specification, implementing and maintaining the project, to user support and documentation.

I'm always seeking the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects which will utilise and further develop my technical skills in web design and software/application development.

I've also contributed to many open source projects and I'm currently peer-reviewed in the top 2% on stack overflow community.

Scripting (PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS)
  • Proficient with all aspects of the above languages including syntax, core functions, classes and properties.
  • Solid understanding of MVC design principles, design patterns, object orientated programming, web services, protocols and API's.
  • Meticulous in writing secure, optimised and scalable code that follows best practices.
  • Proficient with git source code version control and team based code contributions.
  • Comfortable with any 3rd party dependency management tools like composer, npm or bower.
  • Adaptable in using and learning new web technologies, frameworks, in-house products and implementations.
  • Aware of the importance of project planning, code testing/staging and user/customer documentation.
  • PHP - Preferable to any MVC based full or micro frameworks like Laravel, Symfony/Silex or Fat-Free.
  • CSS - Bootstrap, Foundation, jQueryUI, any.
  • Javascript - Generally I use jQuery or VueJS, but have worked with many libraries like Angular, ExtJS, MooTools and YUI.
  • Experience with both Windows and Linux based systems, infrastructures and networks.
  • Built single/multi tenant VoIP based phone systems (Asterisk), both from scratch and using open source tools like FreePBX.
  • Expert in LXC/LXD based Linux containers, and lots of experience with docker, vagrant/puphpet.
  • Comfortable with setting up and maintaining scalable multi client web hosting on any platform.
  • Good understanding of the TCP/IP stack and UDP packet based socket layer and protocols of client/server or P2P networks.
  • Vigilant when it comes to system package updates, software and network and self-security responsibilities.
  • An avid user of stack overflow, where I keep on my toes with "real world" code based problem solving when not solving my own.
  • Built many open source projects and libraries, some more popular than others.
  • Some experience with Python, GO, C, Android SDK and Java programming.
2017 - Present



WightSystems provides bespoke cloud SaaS systems, freelance developments and consultancy. Our aim is to make any pen-and-paper business more efficient by cloudifying the business process and joining "detached layers" of the businesses into one easy to use cloud based system (so no more spreadsheets, well unless you want them!). We then host the application/system using the latest in container technologies, for friction-less atomic deployments, updates and high availability as standard.

2014 - 2017

Software Systems Engineer

Responsibilities included planning and developing client bespoke cloud software, 3rd party integrations and a wide range of in-house tools, including CRMs, CMSs, control panels (hosting, monitoring, phone systems and API's) using the latest technologies and coding standards.

2009 - 2014

Full-time Carer

Family First!

Whilst caring for my terminally ill mother, I made good use of the spare time by further developing my passion for web development, within this time I created numerous scripts and projects, ranging from single classes, composer packages, to a modular base framework and CMS which is officially WAY better than WordPress, both in code quality and ease of use!

2004 - 2009

Various Jobs

Retail & Catering Sectors

Cafe chef - Delicious Cafe, Shop assistant - Platform Fun, Shop assistant - 31/78 Union Street & Ebay Dropshipping.

2000 - 2004

Premier Electronics | Lacuna Systems

Electronics Production Operative

The company manufactured digital satellite test meters for BskyB engineers to assist them in tuning LNB dishes. I had many roles at this company from manufacturing, repairing, customer support to product packing and distribution.

1983 - 2017

Autodidacticism Inc.

Life Science

I believe one should never stop learning and developing skills for life, careers and passions. Though when I think back to when I was in school, I cannot remember a single lesson or specific subject that interested or inspired me. I wholeheartedly believe the british education system is extremely outdated and broken, it's no longer sufficient to prepare students for the future world where emerging technologies and computer science rules! I'm very lucky to have not chosen further education and sunk myself or my family into many thousands of pounds worth of student debt.

1994 - 1999

Ryde High School

Ryde, Isle Of Wight

Some useless GCSE's!



An easy to use, multi-server LXD control panel with simple web and port forwarding.



WightPhone is a multi-tenant bespoke PBX system.



xSystems is a multi-server LXD, LXC (LXC Web Panel), NGINX Web Proxy, IPTables port forwarding control and monitoring platform.

Open Source

Simwood API Client (composer package)

A simple object orientated way to interact with the API.

View on Packagist

Open Source

Plinker RPC Client/Server (composer package/s)

Plinker PHP RPC client/server makes it really easy to integrate and execute PHP component classes on remote systems securely with end-to-end encryption and signed packets while maintaining the feel of a local method call.

View on BitBucket

Open Source


SimplePOPCDN is a "Origin Pull" CDN Pass-through caching class, that can be used as a stand alone script or integrated into a controller of sort as a model. It's function is to automatically cache a resource's E.G image, CSS, js, font files from your main site so as to speed up loading times by distributing requests.

View on GitHub

Open Source

PHP TCP Socket Client/Server

A simple stripped down PHP TCP socket server and client that communicates in JSON format. The server will parse the JSON and call controller based on route.

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